3. Resources


We bought a box of binders, dividers, lined paper, highlighters, index cards, etc. for you to give to the staff members to help them hold all the lessons you’ll hopefully be planning. Feel free to stop by the Draper Center to pick up some supplies– they are in the backroom in a box with a pink label. If there’s a sign out sheet, please write down what you took for your tutee. If not, please leave a note in my box.

BOOKS (in the Draper Center, bottom shelf of bookcase on right corner of the room)

Please don’t check the books out– if you need anything from them, feel free to use the copy machine behind the front desk!

  1. Pace Yourself: A Handbook for ESL Tutors by Teresa S. Dalle and Laurel J. Young
  2. Beginning Workbook: The Oxford Picture Dictionary by Marjorie Fuchs
  3. Intermediate Workbook: The Oxford Picture Dictionary by Marjorie Fuchs and Margaret Bonner
  4. Spectrum 2 Workbook:  A Communicative Course in English by Sharon Abrams and David P. Rein
  5. Spectrum 6 Workbook: A communicative Course in English by David P. Rein
  6. New Horizons in English by Michael Walker
  7. The Fruits of our Labor: Selected works from the Stanford Literavy Project edited by Omar Baldonado and Grace Lee
  8. Ultimate Visual Dictionary by DK Publishing
  9. Ingles para Latinos: Segundo Nivel by William C. Harvey



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